Arrow Farm Shop

Arrow Farm Shop started life as do so many other family businesses as a small potato plot that has growninto a large field. From farm gate sales of home grown potatoes Arrow can now boast a newly furbishedFarm Shop, Butchery and Café/Diner.
As the business grew and the range of stock increased so did our staffing numbers. It became necessary tofind a system to manage all the different aspects of a very niche business as Farm Shops are. I was visiting avery busy farm shop in Norfolk and I noticed that the cashiers all had their own terminals. As I was lookingfor a system at the time I asked the staff what they thought of their system and who provided it. They gaveme the details for CSY who conveniently were based in Nottingham. I contacted them, and the rest as they say, is history.
A representative from CSY came to see us and provided a full demonstration of their EPOS system and all itsbenefits for a growing business. Their stock control and reporting systems were very impressive and theintroduction of card processing via broadband allowed a much quicker and efficient cashiering service.
Arrow Farm Shop purchased its first CSY equipment in 1997, and throughout our association their backupand helpline services have been very supportive. This has been essential in ensuring that we run asuccessful business. In particular the remote access service provided by the helpdesk means that the canlog in and immediately sort out any problems. As the needs of the business and our management svstemsgrew it was a great help to be able to filter and produce our own individual reports. All the figures youneed are in the system. Over the years Arrow Farm Shop has taken advantage of the wonderful trainingsupport days that CSY have on offer at their base at Nottingham.
Having just added a new Café/Diner with seating for 100 customers, the benefits of the system really cameto the fore. We were able to adapt our existing system so that it was also able to fulfil the needs of ourretail and our café/Diner offering full table service. From a staff point of view the system is veryuser-friendly and even the newest members of staff can use the system immediately.
Over the years as the business has changed and developed CSY have worked alongside Arrow Farm andhave been an integral part of our on-going success – From Field to Fork!

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