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We are the leading provider of EPOS systems to Garden Centres and Nurseries in the UK.

With more than 100 Garden Centres using CSY, we are the leading provider of EPOS systems to garden centres and nurseries in the UK.

We have a great understanding of how garden centres and nurseries work which means that we can help you implement and use EPOS that works for your business. We have carefully designed Vector EPOS, our garden centre EPOS, so that it has all the functions and tools to help make sales easy.

The garden centre EPOS system is designed to handle all that a busy garden centre can throw at it.  Vector EPOS will help you with all the things that matter from serving customers quickly at the point-of-sale to helping you with supplier orders. Check out the list of features of our garden centre EPOS below.

Well over 100 garden centres and nurseries use CSY’s Vector EPOS.  These range in size from single-site nurseries to the Blue Diamond Group, with more than 30 branches across the UK. So if you have more than one centre, we can make sure all your stores, including online, talk to each other.

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Tailored Features

Garden Centre EPOS from CSY is designed with specialised features that are made to help garden centres retain customers and attract new ones. It helps to encourage existing customers to visit more frequently and spend more.

Plant Passports

As Plant Passports starts to come in, we have been working on making sure our EPOS works for you. Our garden centre & nursery customers will now be able to print Plant Passport labels and have all the correct data stored in their Vector system. This will make it easier for our garden centre and nursery customers to follow these guidelines that have come into place. 

Reporting Suite

We realise that running your business requires you to have the right information and reporting at your fingertips. Vector will open your eyes to over 120 management reports, which can even be automatically sent to you by email at the times you request. From your best selling products to your most profitable supplier, we’ve got you covered.

Loyalty Cards

To help garden centres retain and reward loyal customers, our CSY Vector EPOS can be linked to loyalty cards. Garden Centre customers can build up points on purchases in store which can then be redeemed against further purchases or to get money off further orders. We provide personalised loyalty cards to garden centres to fit in with their image and brand.

Easy Offers

CSY’s Vector EPOS uses retail intelligence to help garden centres take advantage of all the data they collect through transactions – whether that’s visits over a specific period of time from customers or what people are spending their money on.

With so much data available, Vector makes it easy to create offers, from 10 percent off a specific line of produce, to a free cup of tea in the café, to encourage customers to visit more and spend more.

Easy To Integrate With Your Existing Online Platforms and Branches

CSY Vector EPOS for Garden Centres also includes:

  • Fast speed of operation at the point-of-sale
  • Integrated card processing over broadband
  • Account customer sales
  • Customer orders
  • Controlled refunds
  • Streamlined stock imports from suppliers
  • Real-time stocktaking
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Excellent stock management
  • Supplier orders
  • Plant labelling
  • Promotion management
  • E-commerce integration

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