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With more than 100 Restaurants, Pubs and Bars using Vector Hospitality, we are a leading provider of EPOS systems to Hospitality businesses in the UK.


With more than 100 Restaurants, Pubs and Bars using Vector Hospitality, we are a leading provider of EPOS systems to Hospitality businesses in the UK.

We understand that in today’s fast paced hospitality environment, fast and efficient processing of customer orders is critical. We have carefully designed Vector Hospitality EPOS so that it has all the functions and tools to help make sales easy.

Our Hospitality EPOS is designed to handle all that a busy Restaurant or Public House can throw at it.  Vector Hospitality will help you with all the things that matter from serving customers quickly at the point-of-sale to helping you manage your tables and tabs efficiently. Check out the list of features of our Hospitality EPOS below.

  • Fully Manageable EPOS Screen setup including images to ensure ease of access for your staff
  • Integrated Table Planner
  • At table Ordering/ Click & Collect
  • “Save Tab” Functionality
  • Wastage Management at Epos
  • Handheld Mobile ordering devices for waiting staff
  • Quick Operator swapping
  • Integrated customer loyalty scheme
  • Full Reporting suite.

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Vector Table Planner

CSY’s Vector table planner allows Hospitality businesses to design their own table layout within Vector Manager Back Office. Here you can add new rooms and tables at ease which will then appear inside Vector Hospitality on the Epos.

By using our colour changing system, businesses can manage the status of each table to show as Seated, Waiting or Served. This allows staff to have a visual view of each Table’s status directly from the Epos or Handheld ordering device. A timer showing how long the customer has been at each status is also visible.

Seated – To show staff which tables are available for new customers.

Waiting -To show staff when the order has been taken and the customer is waiting to be served.

Served – To show staff which tables have been served and what are tables are yet to be served.

Additional features of the Vector Table Planner include:

  • Ability to pay at point of order or “Save Tab” functionality for payment at the conclusion of the customers meal.
  • Ability to “Split Bill” so that customers can pay for individual meal items or by split the bill by the volume of covers.
  • Ability to move customers to another table.
  • Ability to add individual notes to orders.

At Table Ordering

With the challenge all Hospitality businesses have faced during the Coronavirus Pandemic, the ability for customers to place orders at a table or from home for a later collection using their Smartphones has been key in ensuring businesses can remain operational.

Using CSY’s “At Table Ordering” solution allows you to do just that.

On arrival at your venue, customers scan a QR code at their table of choice which will open the ordering platform. The customers then select their menu options and pay for their order on the smartphone.

This seamlessly links with your EPOS on site and with all connected peripherals such as Kitchen Printers.

Customers can also use the same platform to order at home for collection on-site at a designated time.

Kitchen Screen

Our clients use the inbuilt table planner in Vector to send orders directly to the kitchen screen, so that the chefs can start to prepare the food as soon as the order has been made. This can either be done using tablets for table service or using the main POS (i.e., for takeaway orders)

The kitchen screen looks for new orders every 10 seconds so is constantly refreshing. The kitchen staff have various status levels that they can set for each food item as to its stage in the preparation process, preparing, ready, served, etc.

Once set to served (green) the order will disappear from the kitchen screen and the table planner will change to green for that table. To add more items for the table, e.g. desserts, staff will click the table number to open it again, add the desserts and save the tab. The desserts would then be displayed on the kitchen screen.

Reporting Suite

Reporting Suite

We realise that running your business requires you to have the right information and reporting at your fingertips. Vector will open your eyes to over 120 management reports, which can even be automatically sent to you by email at the times you request. From your best-selling products to your most profitable supplier, we’ve got you covered.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

To help Hospitality businesses retain and reward loyal customers, our CSY Vector Hospitality EPOS can be linked to loyalty cards. Customers can build up points on purchases which can then be redeemed against further purchases or to get money off further orders. We provide personalised loyalty cards to all Hospitality businesses to fit in with their image and brand.

Handheld Device

Handheld Device

Our Rugged Handheld device is suitable for outdoor use with its high brightness screen, dust and water resistance enabling your operators to take orders directly at table, linked to your main EPOS system and kitchen printers.

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