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Say hello to the new way of reaching your customers!

In an ever-changing retail world, it is important to make the most of your customer base to start increasing spend, visits and the size of the customer base itself.  Many of our customers are already using our customer loyalty program to increase all this. But, what if you could go one step further with our new Retail Intelligence module?

Do you want to attract the attention of existing customers who haven’t visited in a while with a discount code? Or encourage loyal customers to buy more from you with a percentage off their next purchase? This is why we have launched Retail Intelligence! CSY Retail Intelligence sits alongside our existing customer loyalty system allowing you to create targeted offers, which can be sent as part of an email or postal campaign, that will help you invigorate your customer base, get them visiting more often and spending more.

If you already have a customer loyalty scheme and collected your customer’s data, Retail Intelligence is the perfect next step. With Retail Intelligence by CSY you segment your customers into groups based on one or more of the following:

  • Customer spend in a time period
  • Customer visits in a time period
  • Customers who haven’t visited in a time period
  • Spend in a particular department(s) in a time period
  • Non-spend in a particular department(s) in a time period
  • Purchase of a particular item(s) in a time period
  • Non-purchase of a particular item(s) in a time period
  • Current loyalty points balance
  • Postcode area

CSY Retail Intelligence works alongside MailChimp to build, send and provide detailed reports once the email has been sent. Once you have created a target group and assigned a targeted promotion, you can create your email campaign in MailChimp with the correct promotion and send it out to the target group. After the email has been sent, you can use MailChimp’s powerful reporting tools to see how successful your campaign has been.

The Retail Intelligence module includes additional reporting tools to measure the effectiveness of your targeted campaigns allowing reporting on:

  • Total customer spend for a campaign
  • Number of campaign promotions redeemed
  • Customer spend before and after a campaign including basket size and average item price

We also include many different ways of analysing and exporting the above information to make sure that it is working as effectively as possible for you, allowing you to adapt your campaigns to suit your retail environment and your customers.

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