Decorative Supplies

EPOS was the cherry on top for this cake decorating company.

Established in Enfield, Decorative Supplies has been open since 1969 when it started off as a printers and stationer with just a few cake decorations. In the early 1970’s they moved to their premises now, which was only next door, and were soon approached to become a Sub Post Office. “We gradually increased the cake decorating side of the business, and when the Post Office closed, we decide to just stick to cake decorating, which is where we are now,” said Director, Liz Woods.

Over the years Decorative Supplies have developed from a printers, to a post office and now a cake decorating store. Since early 2018 CSY has been there to help, from the initial visit from our account manager Deanna to a ‘very smooth’ installation, we made sure Decorative Supplies had a more enjoyable experience than with their previous “glitchy” system.

At CSY we want to make our EPOS as easy as possible to use, therefore our system allows our customers to design their front screen to suit them. “The ease of adding new buttons on the front end makes serving customers easier”. For stores like Decorative Supplies not every product has a barcode. Our system allows customers to add buttons for each item and have them easily accessible on their quick menu, “our old system was hard to sort out the front end,” adds Liz.

With their previous system’s ‘unreliable stock control’ we knew we would be able to improve things. With our guidance and in-depth training Decorative Supplies were able to truly benefit from the ease of use and reliability of our system “We constantly use the back office, the stock control system means we can be much more aware of how items are selling and order accordingly, meaning we can stock a larger range of items which pulls in more customers!”

We hope to continue to help Liz and the Decorative Supplies team to grow their business with eCommerce soon. “We are planning to sell online in the not too distant future. We have also started making personalised cake toppers and personalised ribbon and want to start pushing both of these a bit more.”

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