Getting Through Corona

by | Aug 27, 2020

Coronavirus has changed the way we all work. Technology companies are required to remain innovative in order to move with the times. This is no different in retail where many shops were required to maintain their income without being able to open. From creating online stores to making changes in store, we have adapted our system to work for all our customers during this uncertain time, and to work with the ‘new normal’

Our eCommerce Lite sites have been helping our customers during the pandemic to ensure they can keep providing their customers with products. From garden centres and farm shops to pharmacies and fashion stores, we wanted to help our customers as much as possible when their stores couldn’t open. To get our customers websites up and running quickly a strategy was set in place for our customers to begin preparing their product data for their eCommerce Lite site whilst their new website was being developed. We made the sites integrate with our EPOS, like our full eCommerce sites do, so stock and all product data are all in one place.

“CSY have helped me transform my business so that I am now receiving 50% of my income through our online delivery service, which has been particularly useful during Covid-19. Without this online presence my business may well have failed, so being able to get an eCommerce website set up quickly and efficiently helped massively. My favourite piece of customer feedback is ‘from placing the order on the website to the delivery of my product the whole process was slick.”
Nicola at Zeds Wholefoods

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To help our customers with social distancing restrictions in their restaurants and cafes, to keep their customers and staff safe, we introduced At Table Ordering. We wanted to make this feature as easy as possible to use, and with most people having smartphones, we decided to create the menus on a mobile friendly website. All their customers had to do was scan a QR code to view the menu, start their order and pay, all without leaving their seats. The order is then transferred to our customers Vector EPOS system and printed in the kitchen, if they have a kitchen printer configured.

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We also wanted to help our customers with restaurants and cafes take part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. At CSY we built a specific promotion that calculated the discount for our customers, so all they had to do was enter the number of people on the table and our EPOS would do all the hard work. After the scheme was announced we worked very quickly to create the promotion and get our customer to set it up on their system, with help from our guide and helpdesk, before the beginning of August.

 “We are so pleased CSY have automated the till process for the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme. Without this assistance it really would have been very difficult to calculate the discount quickly and efficiently at the till. They have also added a new report to make claiming really easy” 
Katrina Holford, Operations Director at Parker’s Garden Company.


Vector Anywhere

One of our existing features came in very handy during this uncertain time. Vector Anywhere allowed our customers to access their Vector system from a wide range of devices, anywhere. Our customers that were able to stay open during this time, but may have had member of staff working from home or out of the store, are able to keep an eye on the running of the store from their PC, laptop, or even their mobile phone.

Home Sync

VectorAnywhere allowed our customers to work from anywhere, Home Sync was perfect for our customers working just from home. All of our customers reports and stock can be shown and changed on their at home PC, and any changes are automatically updated on their in-store EPOS.

Retail Intelligence

Now stores are starting to reopen we want to help our customers reach their returning customers but in a new way. Many of them already have our customer loyalty scheme to encourage their customers to return, but what about after a pandemic? Our customers are able to send marketing emails with promotional offers and discounts to get people back into their stores. Why not attract the attention of existing customer with a discount code or encourage loyal customers to buy more with a percentage off their first visit back into your store?

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