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Supporting great retailers...

CSY Customers are great retailers who need great IT systems to support their businesses.

Working with a broad cross section of retailers, while still specialising in particular sectors has become one of CSY's great strengths.  We are able to bring things we have learned from across our customers to benefit those in other sectors.

With CSY customer feedback is of great importance.  We are constantly listening to our customers both in person and through our customer forum.  We use this feedback to enhance all of our products and services.

Garden Centres EPOS

Our Garden Centre focused EPOS system is designed to handle all that a busy Garden Centre can throw at it!  Vector will help you with all the things that matter from serving customers quickly to helping you with supplier orders.

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As the leading provider of Pharmacy EPOS systems, CSY are recommended by the National Pharmacy Association, Alliance Healthcare and Alphega.  CSY are the only EPOS provider recommended by the NPA and we have recently been promoted to Gold Partner Status.

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Farm shops & Deli

CSY have been installing EPOS systems in Farm Shops and Delicatessens for 10 years.  CSY Vector is also in use in the food departments and cafes of many garden centres, independent department stores and tourist attractions.

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Hardware & Diy

We know it's not all about the headline features, it's sometimes the little things that matter.  We can help you manage your products whether it's a large electrical item with a serial number or individually sold screws.

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Tile & Flooring

CSY provide retail systems to well over one hundred tile and flooring stores across the UK.  Our systems have been refined to work the way you do, delivering a straightforward customer experience and helping you work smarter. 

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CSY Vector is used in many cafes and restaurants across the UK.  We can really help improve the way your business operates improving sales and profitability. 


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CSY understand fashion retail.  We can provide you with the right tools to keep make sure that you are maximinsing sales and opportunites.

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Timber Merchants

A busy timber merchant can be a challenging enviroment for any IT system.  CSY's experience in the sector means that we have the right hardware and software to cope with all your demands whether in retail or wholesale.

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Tourist and Visitor Attractions

CSY EPOS suits the demands of any tourist or visitor attraction, remaining easy to use whilst offering sophisticated reporting and management functions.

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Mobility Centres

Handling VAT exempt transactions can be complicated with the wrong EPOS system. Our system helps makes this a simple and straight forward process whilst providing your business with an accomplished and proven EPOS solution.

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Wine Merchants

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