Retail Gift Aid Made Easy With Charity Shop EPOS From CSY

by | Jul 16, 2019

Retail Gift Aid is one of the easiest ways for charities to boost revenues. Charities that receive a donation from any tax payer, can claim 25 percent on its total cost.

We know that every penny counts when it comes to raising money, so it’s really important to make sure Retail Gift Aid is claimed on all eligible donations. But why are some charities missing out?

Charity Shop EPOS From CSY

Claiming Retail Gift Aid isn’t always straight forward. Manually having to record and claim Retail Gift Aid for each donation, can be time consuming and difficult for charity shops where volunteers often make up most of the team on the tills. Such is the fast pace of retail, every second can count when it comes to making a sale and taking time aside to manually process Retail Gift Aid isn’t the best use of resources.

Technology has made it easier to handle Retail Gift Aid, so that claiming it no longer has to be complex for charity shops. At CSY Retail Systems we have developed our EPOS software Vector, to include Retail Gift Aid functionality so that when an item is scanned at the till it automatically claims the Retail Gift Aid on it, if it is an eligible donation.

How can CSY help your charity?

If you don’t have a charity shop EPOS system that can automatically record Retail Gift Aid donations, then it can be quite frustrating. Take for example one of your regular supporters who have filled out a Retail Gift Aid Declaration (GFD). If they bring in a number of different items, maybe a set of saucepans, a few woolly jumpers and a couple of board games, they will be in completely different places in your shop, but will all be eligible for Retail Gift Aid.

It means if you don’t have a system that automatically processes it for you, one of your volunteers will have to check each label individually and record it to claim for Retail Gift Aid. Instead, with Vector charity shop EPOS from CSY, it just takes a simple scan at the till and the system automatically records the Retail Gift Aid and sends an automatic email, or creates a letter to go to the donor to let them know how much Retail Gift Aid has been claimed.

Let your volunteers focus on the job they love doing

With charity shop EPOS from CSY, your volunteers can focus on the job they love doing. They won’t have to spend as much time focussing on recording Retail Gift Aid and instead can spend more time helping customers and processing sales.

The CSY Vector EPOS system has all the functions to make life easier for your volunteers. With fast operation at the point-of sale, to easy management of stock, including real-time stocking taking, Vector has real benefits for your charity shop.

To find out more about charity shop EPOS from CSY call a member of the team on 0115 948 4848.