Uncle Henry’s

Did you know the creators of the BBC One Show Award Winning Lincolnshire Sausage, Uncle Henry’s, use our EPOS system in their farm shop and café?

The Ward family opened Uncle Henry’s Farm Shop, Butchery and Café in 2006 with a determination to provide only the best produce, this rings true with their home reared pork and dedication to only source the best quality meats. Since then the business has flourished, developing into an award-winning farming business. With its conference and party facilities, as well as offering great educational resources for local schools, Uncle Henrys have cemented themselves as not only a great local source of quality produce, but also a huge part of the local community. Along with educating local schools they also proudly work with their Local Food Heroes, striving to provide not just the freshest locally sourced produce but also giving back to their community by supporting over 45 local businesses.

Over the years Uncle Henry’s has grown and developed and since early 2013 CSY has been there to help, providing them with the EPOS system to help their retail side blossom.

Before we installed our system into the café they relied on handwritten orders. “Everything was handwritten and delivered to the kitchen by hand” said General Manager, Emma Blandford. “Installing CSY into the café has transformed our customer ordering system with dockets now printed in the kitchen”.

Like food orders in the café, Uncle Henry’s were also manually changing their shelf edge labels. “We now have the ability to print shelf edge labels automatically and have made price changes so much easier.”

As Uncle Henry’s is a family friendly farm shop, with family attractions like a Maize Maze in the summer, it was important for Uncle Henry’s to be able to make changes to their shelf edge labels without affecting the running of their store.

One of the main features Uncle Henry’s were looking for within an EPOS provider was a loyalty card scheme for their customers. We were able to provide Uncle Henry’s with loyalty cards that fit with their brand image “Since the introduction of the loyalty card scheme, we have seen a positive response from customers. They like the fact we are giving them something back for their loyalty to shopping with us” adds Emma.

Uncle Henrys were also concerned about their stock management, with our guidance and in-depth training they were able to truly benefit from the ease of use and reliability of our system. “We were also looking for a more advanced system, and one that gives us better sales data and stock control. We use the sales data on a daily basis to inform us of all our buying decisions, also the stock control features are extremely helpful, especially during busy periods throughout the year.”

In regards to the training provided at CSY’s in-house training facility Emma at Uncle Henry’s commented that “the training and CSY helpdesk are always supportive, and helped our staff adjust to the new system with ease.” At CSY we like to make sure our customers get the most from these training sessions based from our dedicated training facility located within our offices in Nottingham; we also want the installation of the system to be as smooth as possible so the customer can go back to selling straight away “uploading all our product lines took a while but the reward was well worth it.”

“Overall it is an easy to use system that has huge benefits with regards to retailing effectively and efficiently. Most importantly to us, it allows us to control our stock and report on sales and transfers to other departments, enabling us to analyse our business better.”

So if you find yourself nearby, visit Uncle Henry’s, the home of not only some of the country’s finest produce but also the winner of Lincolnshire Tea Room and Retailer of the Year 2017 and see for yourself the great range of products and the smiling faces of the Uncle Henry’s team.

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