Richards of Cornwall

Family run and owned Farm Shop, Richards of Cornwall, have been open and suppling fresh, local produce to their growing customer base since 2004.

“We are known mainly for our delicious strawberries, which are grown in poly tunnels throughout the summer. Another product we are probably recognised for most is our daffodils.” Richards of Cornwall is located in West Cornwall so are part of the world leading industry in daffodil production, as Cornwall produces about 80% of the total supply. “We are very proud to be a part of that,” adds Andrew Richards, Partner at Richards of Cornwall.


Richards of Cornwall joined CSY over a year ago, at the end of 2019. “We decided to replace our existing EPOS system as it was outdated.” At CSY we offer a free demo of our system to all customers before purchasing, “after finding out about CSY through the Farm Retail Association, Karl, the farm shop account manager at CSY, came to see us and brought all the equipment with him for us to test in a demo.”  


“We really liked how enthusiastic and reassuring Karl was and the price of the system seemed good value. All our data had to be migrated across from our old system which was not a problem at all for CSY.” To work alongside our system most of our food retail customers use Shelf Edge Labels, which can make price changes easier and less time consuming, “the shelf edge printer is great as it enabled us to change prices quickly and efficiently.”


When we installed Vector into Richards of Cornwall at the end of 2019, we never imagined that a few months later a global pandemic would be announced. “We have expanded our floor space during 2020 to allow our customers a more comfortable environment when visiting us.” During this time card machines got used a lot more as shops turned cashless, “we have just integrated the card machines which saves the staff having to manually key in amounts. Not only does this save time and reduce potential error, but most importantly with Covid protections reduces their exposure, keeping them safer.”


“The helpdesk is the best part of the system. The staff have always been able to sort problems and are incredibly helpful.” Our helpdesk is a team at CSY that we pride ourselves on, open 7-days a week from 8am till 8pm.


“Getting CSY’s Vector system installed has definitely improved our store, now we are able to identify what is selling and what isn’t with ease. Our staff have found the new system very easy to use, and we can serve our lovely, loyal locals and visitors with ease.”

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