Bell Plantation

After a rapid expansion from 2016, Bell Plantation in Towcester needed to upgrade their EPOS after using another provider for a few years. “We have just extended our Café, kitchen and built a new soft play which was due to open in April 2020, but has now opened April 2021,” expressed Freddie Warren at Bell Plantation.

Before any of our customers purchase from us, we like to provide them with a demo of our EPOS, which is on-site at their shop and totally free! “When being shown the system, I got a good vibe from Deanna and Ross. Not only that they were nice but that they cared about us as a customer, proven to be a good bunch.”

Bell Plantation joined CSY in January 2020, at the start of the pandemic. “CSY were really proactive in all the challenges faced by us in the last year, from offering eCommerce lite early in the lockdown to making reporting eat out to help out easy.” During the pandemic we also introduced At-Table Ordering for our customers with restaurants and cafes. At table ordering enabled their customers to place their own orders from their smartphone, “CSY approached us in instead of us asking for solutions to our problems, which was a massive help.”

“CSY set up our eCommerce lite site in about 7 working days and we were able to take a quarter of our normal April takings doing home delivery. The website contributed hugely to our cash flow position, kept our plant waste down and helped pay the wages of the team I kept on.” Throughout 2020 we offered customers a simple eCommerce solution to get them up and running online quickly, so their customers could still purchase and support the business without leaving their homes. “I just wanted to thank-you for your hard work and speed at getting our online shop up and running, Josh worked really hard on it and was very helpful throughout, despite being busy I’m sure,” added Freddie.

“A good all-round system that is easy to use and provides accurate sales and stock information that enables us to re-stock more efficiently and accurately, especially with the handheld scanner – they make checking in stock so much easier.”

“We are always looking to expand, next could be a new plant canopy with the existing canopy turned into a shop. A second site would always be welcome!” We can’t wait to see how Bell Plantation expand over 2021, and we will be here to help them with EPOS however they plan to expand.

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