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Vector Charity epos


Introducing VectorCharity

CSY provides easy-to-use charity shop EPOS systems. With volunteers at the heart of many charity shops, it’s important to make sure the tills and systems they use make completing transactions, tracking stock, managing sales and claiming gift aid is as easy as possible. With training support from CSY too, we can help volunteers to have all the knowledge and help with using their new EPOS system.

EPOS has completely transformed the way retail stores sell and it brings plenty of benefits to charity shops to help with all the great work they do. With charity shop EPOS from CSY, charities can increase their retail revenues and boost the amount of gift aid they receive to help invest in their activities.

For charity shops looking to take advantage of multi-channel selling, integrate their offline and online systems and overcome the transactional challenges they face day-by-day, CSY Vector EPOS is the solution.

The Benefits Of Choosing VectorCharity From CSY

A number of charities throughout the UK benefit from using Vector EPOS from CSY. We’ve worked with charities to develop a version of our Vector EPOS that is designed to make lives easier. See just some of the functions of our Vector charity shop EPOS below:

  • Fast operation at the point-of-sale
  • Easy management of stock
  • Controlled refunds
  • Real-time stocktaking
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Integrated gift aid functionality
  • Track customer habits
  • Cloud backup

Boost income with integrated gift aid tools

The pace of retail is so fast that any moment wasted could be a missed chance to make a sale. Many of the things shops once had to do manually can now be done much faster and more accurately using retail technology.

Retail stores from all sectors now have access to more tools to make transactions faster and easier. For charity shops, gift aid is one of the most vital forms of revenue and working it out can be a challenge without the right tools.

At CSY, we have integrated gift aid into Vector so that when a customer makes a purchase, the gift aid due to the shop from that transaction is automatically calculated. A letter can then be created through the system to go to the donor, to tell them how much their donation has raised and how much gift aid the charity shop is due. It reduces the time it takes to work out the gift aid manually, making volunteers’ lives much easier.