October, November & December Customers

by | Jan 14, 2020

Bampton Garden Plants

In October we installed our software onto Bampton Garden Plants existing hardware. As they had hardware that wasn’t too old and worked for the garden centre, they decided to just install our software. With our software now installed they can serve their customers quickly, check stock, and see how well the centre is doing with profit margins, sales figures from both retail and trade sales.

The Zero Waste Company

Located in Tunbridge Wells, The Zero Waste Company is a completely plastic free store. We have installed our EPOS system and Zero Waste scales to help with the running of their store. With The Zero Waste Company now using our scales their customers can bring in their own containers and fill with loose goods, and they are so easy to use their customers can use them without any assitance. Find out more about our Zero Waste scales here

Greens of Highgate

Also in October we installed into one of Greens of Highgate’s stores in London. The runner up for “Best Shop in Highgate” is a florist and greengrocer, which provides the freshest fruit, veg and flowers every day. With the most colourful flowers outside, the store is hard to miss!


We also installed into Earthfare in October. The natural and organic store is located in Glastonbury and offers a wide range of wholefood products, supplements, herbs and body care. Earthfare also have newly designed loyalty and gift cards to encourage new and existing customers to return to their store, these cards are integrated with our system so are very easy to use. Find out more about Customer Loyalty here

Norbury Pharmacy

Also in October we installed into 2 Norbury Pharmacy branches In London. These pharmacies are now taking advantage of our weekly product updates features on our EPOS system, which means our system is updated weekly with the latest information from C& D, Alliance Healthcare, Enterprise, AAH and Phoenix.

Nottingham Hospice

Throughout 2019 we have been installing our systems into Nottinghamshire Hospice’s charity shops all over Nottinghamshire, from Mapperley to Ruddington. In November we installed into their latest shop in Blidworth, meaning all 10 of their shops and their warehouse are now using our Vector system to control stock, work out Retail Gift Aid and to serve their customers with ease.


In November we upgraded Maxwells 7 shops from old fashioned tills to our modern, touch screen EPOS. As they are a multi branch customer, with our systems their stores can now talk to each other. Whether they need to check stock levels at a different branch or a customer wants to use their loyalty card in multiple stores, they can with Store-Sync. Learn more about Store-Sync here

Thorngrove Garden Centre

Back in 2018 we installed our EPOS into Thorngrove’s brand new Secret Garden café at their garden centre, and after being happy with the system we have installed it into their garden shop this year. Thorngrove are now taking advantage of our Garden Centre features including over 120 management reports, easy offers with the use of our retail intelligence feature and real-time stocktaking.

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

Back in 2017 we installed our EPOS into the first Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance charity shop, now we are installed into all of their charity shops across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. In November we moved the EPOS system from a previous shop into their new shop in Waddington. Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance are already taking advantage of our VectorCharity features, including stock control, Retail Gift Aid and serving their customers with ease.

Ladds Hardware

Located in the middle of the Clynderwen village, Ladds Hardware, are now using our EPOS in their shop. As they supply gates, fencing, plumbing materials, gardening tools and much more, with our system they are able to serve trade and retail customers with ease.

Snowdrop Independent Living

We first installed into the Snowdrop in 2017, at their Haverfordwest store. Throughout 2019 we have been installing our EPOS into their 2 other stores in Swansea and Penarth. In November we installed into their last store in Whitchurch, so now all their stores can talk to each other making serving their customers a lot easier.

GNK Builders Merchants

Located in Norwood, GNK Builders Merchants have been supplying South London with building, plumbing, electrical and timber supplies for over 30 years. We have recently installed our EPOS into the merchants to help them serve their retail and trade customers.


“Supplier of Furniture and Appliances” is a charity in Loughborough that help local people in need by selling furniture and electrical items at affordable prices. We installed our EPOS into their showroom, so now they can serve customers quickly while processing Retail Gift Aid with ease.

Windfall Natural Goods

In 2018 we installed our EPOS into Windfall in Chiswick, a year later we have installed into their second store in Clapham. Now they have two stores with our EPOS they are able to talk to each other and initiate stock transfers.


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