Updating Your Retail Computer Systems To Boost Your Business

Updating Your Retail Computer Systems To Boost Your Business

In recent research by trader insurer Euler Hermes, it found that the UK retail market is one of the most competitive in the world, with only Germany and South Korea having a similar level of competition between retailers.

With so many trends in technology, it can be hard for retail stores to keep up with demand from customers and stay competitive in an unforgiving market. But it’s the customers that are leading the way when it comes to influencing how retail stores need to sell.

Shop, Communicate, Socialise

Many of today’s modern consumers have grown up in a world where technology plays a central role in their life. People work, shop, communicate and socialise using technology. And it’s the businesses that have harnessed technology, who appeal most to consumers.

Companies like Google, Amazon and ASOS who have invested in their ecommerce, websites and mobile sites, are really popular with consumers. They make searching for and receiving goods, transactions and returning items easy.

With ASOS and Amazon you can pick orders up from petrol stations, post offices, supermarkets, making it convenient for the customer’s schedule. It’s just some of the ways these huge brands have modelled their business around the customer.

But it’s not just online where businesses who exploit technology are thriving. It’s important to make sure your technology instore is meeting consumers demand too. The new best practice for customer service is fast, effective transactions, with fewer interactions and less time spent in the queue. That’s why it’s so important to update your retail computer systems and EPOS plays a huge role in this.

Installing EPOS As Part Of Your Retail Computer Systems

Electronic Point Of Sale is a central part of any modern-day retail store. From farm shops to pharmacies, wine merchants to supermarkets, EPOS is an effective tool for any type of business. It’s what makes EPOS so great. It has the flexibility and functionality to contain tailored features which suit different kinds of businesses.

A small business or shop’s needs, will be very different to a large supermarket or a busy clothes store. No matter what business, EPOS can help boost productivity, increase sales, create smoother transactions and tell business owners important information about customer trends. That’s where EPOS ties in to improving the everyday customer experience.

The big brands like Amazon and ASOS, keep a close eye on customer habits and then focus their business around what the customers want. Smaller businesses can do this too. By incorporating CSY EPOS into their retail computer systems, small and medium businesses can gain insights into customer behaviour, to gain the real benefits of this business intelligence.

EPOS for Retail Computer Systems from CSY

CSY Retail Systems has been providing EPOS to retail businesses for more than 30 years. Backed up with training and support, the CSY EPOS system, Vector, has been developed to provide a broad range of businesses across retail, with a tool that helps them sell smarter. Allowing companies to build their business around the modern customer.

We have worked closely with businesses from the different sectors we operate in, to design features into our Vector EPOS system that work for them. Whether it’s a fashion store, a pharmacy, a garden centre or a farm shop, Vector EPOS from CSY is the system for the job. Check out our customer pages to find out more about its tailored features.

If you would like to find out more about how EPOS can help your business meet the demand of the modern consumer, call CSY today on 0115 948 4848.