Lose Queues Not Customers

Lose Queues Not Customers, With Our EPOS Software

Brits love a good queue, or so we think. There are times when it’s acceptable, whether it’s queuing for tickets at Wimbledon or waiting a long time for a wristband at Glastonbury, British people have an international reputation for knowing how to queue.

But when it comes to everyday life, it’s the last thing they want to do.

According to combined research by tech company Box Technologies and Intel, 70% of UK customers said they are unlikely to return to a shop in future if they were made to queue for too long.

No one likes to have to wait behind other shoppers when doing their weekly food shop after a long day at work, or when they’ve just popped into town to pick up a new pair of shoes. Once a decision has been made on what to buy, people want the purchase to go through quickly and smoothly.

With contactless and mobile payments continuing to become a more popular way of making purchases, customers demand quick transactions. In fact, contactless has only been around for a decade and it already counts for 50 percent of all card payments in the UK. Customers see no reason why there should be a hold up. So how can you improve your EPOS to reduce queues, not customers?

EPOS Software for Retail

Ensuring customers enjoy the experience of shopping is more important than ever. Technology continues to evolve at speed and consumers are quickly adopting faster ways to make purchases. Retail stores across all sectors need to stay ahead. Choosing the right EPOS software can make a big difference to transactions in your store.

At CSY Retail Systems we work across many markets, delivering EPOS software for retail shops, garden centres, fashion stores, pharmacies, wine merchants and many more. Our EPOS software for retail is designed to help you sell smarter and faster. We’re finding that more and more retail outlets are coming to us to upgrade or install an EPOS system.

Vector EPOS from CSY helps retail stores and shops deliver a better service to customers. Built with lots of cleverly designed tailored features which suit specific markets, Vector offers a reliable way to speed up till service, improve stock management, provide insight into customer trends and connect online and offline transactions seamlessly.

Vector EPOS can help to reduce your queue times too. Our DualPOS terminals look super smart, they provide customisable tools to suit your needs and are quick and easy for your team to use, allowing them to process transaction after transaction.

Local Functions 

Delivering modern, fast ways to improve customer experience is the way to go but it’s also important to remember that without a good internet connection, a good EPOS system can be made redundant if it relies on the Cloud.

CSY’s EPOS software for retail has local functions, so if you lose your internet connection, you can still operate your tills. Once your internet comes back online your data collected from the transactions will automatically be uploaded to the Cloud. So, you won’t lose any important customer information.

It means you will never have to revert to written receipts, avoiding the possibility of creating increased waiting times for customers. Read about choosing the right hardware for your EPOS system here. 

If you would like more information about CSY’s EPOS software for retail, call 0115 948 4848 to speak to a member of our team on our Helpdesk.